Book signings are the most powerful marketing tool an author has in his or her marketing toolbox. People just love to meet authors, even if they have never heard of them. With this meeting, they buy a book, have you sign it, and then you are on their mind. When you publish a new book, they will buy that one too. You make a lifelong friend and fan.

Book-Signings.com is a site dedicated to getting information and techniques out to published authors about the basics of book marketing, what a book signing is all about, things that must be considered for signings, and how to set up book signings for maximum profit. You will also find discounted supplies, resources, and tools as well as blog posts from authors sharing their experiences and lessons learned from their book promotion events that will help you when marketing your own books.

The biggest obstacle you face when selling your book is getting readers to find it. If you publish your book and never leave your home, only promoting your books online, then you are undoubtedly limiting your book sales.

The key to book marketing success is exposure, and what better exposure is available than book signings? At a book signing, potential readers get to meet you face to face and; you are a celebrity in their eyes, no matter who your are; you get to interface with your potential fans; you get to tell them about your story while showing your excitement and establishing a relationship with them all at the same time. From a marketer’s perspective, this is the perfect scenario for sales.

Tapping into a “hot lead” such as the ones you are meeting in person are the types of customers that will breed a lifetime of future book sales.

True success for book signings comes from just one sale of your book while conducting a signing. Sure, you want to sell a hundred books, but it’s not always just about selling a book – it’s about spreading your name and title out to the general public so your referral based marketing engine can get started. Your goal is to get as many people talking about you and your book to their networks so they will buy your books too.

A book signing is the perfect place to start this marketing engine and get the sales rolling in for your book.

Use the information throughout this site to help grow your book writing and selling business so you can fully enjoy the benefits of being a writer.

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