This page is about book signings and why I created this website. First a little bit about me. My name is Jason Moser. I’m a self-published fiction and self-help author as well as a niche website developer. I have published 2 fiction novels, 1 fiction short-story compilation (edited and published only), 18 self-help and website exclusive books, 25 articles, and currently have 7 websites that I manage and write for.

My dream is to become a best selling author, but there is one problem. Marketing a self published book is not an easy task. There’s no turn-key system for authors to plug in your book’s information and poof, the money starts rolling in. The reason, I figure, is because authors are not sales people! We aren’t wired that way. At least not at the beginning.

As authors enter the world of book marketing, they discover quickly that it takes either a lot of work or a lot of money to sell books. There is online and offline methods of book promotion, and each of these categories takes some research and know how.

I’ve been trying to crack the book marketing code for the past seven years and think I’ve finally found the secret to book selling success. It’s all about book signings. The book signing is the best marketing source for making the most money for your books. It does take a lot of work and planning, but there are several benefits out there to all authors who jump into their marketing efforts feet first.

I started searching for information about book signings and couldn’t find a whole lot about them. There are articles and blog posts here and there about them, but nothing all on one website where you can learn about them, find them, schedule them, and shop for supplies. Nothing all wrapped up into one website. So, I decided to create one dedicated to people wanting more information and guidance about book signings.

So, that’s what this site is all about and why I created it.

Check out more about book signings and learn as much as you can about this powerful marketing tool you have to sell more books.

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