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Promoting and marketing your book is a must if you wish to make any money at it. Book signings are one of many different book marketing methods you can use to sell books. There are so many, in fact, an author is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start.

Promoting and marketing your book with a writing business

From time to time I will add various book marketing and promotion articles and stories so you can focus on the effective sources out there. Some things work better for others, so there is no exact plan or system out there that will work the same for everyone. You choose your marketing based on what you can handle, understand, and afford.

I have been studying and applying various types of marketing for years and am comfortable with a lot of the methods out there, but I’m no expert. If I was, I would not be writing all of my own content for my websites. But I am slowly unlocking the ways of promoting and marketing your book and sharing those ways with all of the authors I can.

There are several book marketing ideas to consider, but the first thing you must do as an author is treat your writing as a business. Altering your mindset to a more business one is the key to selling more books. Most writers don’t think their writing is a business and thus are disorganized, lack discipline, and don’t manage their time or money the way they should be.

Once you understand that your writing is a book selling business, you must immediately dive into promoting and marketing your book, even before you publish it. All of the big writers out there begin promoting their new books even before they write their first word. They do this to motivate themselves and to keep on track with their writing goals and deadlines.

So, I will be making posts on this site to help you create a working marketing plan so you can achieve your writing goals and dreams. I will include methods of marketing for every stage of your book writing: before it’s published, upon release, and post publishing. I will also link all of those posts here so you can find them easily.

Book Marketing Posts

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