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Book Signing Lessons Learned

This post is for traditional book signing lessons learned where you can read and share experiences of your in-store or public signings. Reading these experiences can help you when you are holding your own book signing and can give you ideas that you may not have thought of yet. Your experiences can also help other writers, so don’t hold anything back.

Let everyone know how your book signing plays out, things that worked better than others, and things that didn’t work out so well. If you have a great place you purchase your advertising materials, let us know. Also, places you hold your book signing will help because not everyone holds a book signing in Barnes and Nobel.

Getting the word out to everyone is the key to success for all writers. We are all in competition, but we all have unique products that no one else has so it won’t interfere with your sales. Don’t be afraid to share your methods of success since it will not give anyone an unfair advantage over you.

Book Signing Lessons Learned

Host a Book Signing Party at Home

Have you ever heard of a book signing party? Well, traditional book signings are far from a party. With a public book signing, you are thrown to the wolves and taken about as far out of your comfort zone as you can get. Not a great first direct sales venture for anyone, especially someone who has never sold anything in their life.

Book Signing Party Cover

An in-home book signing is a way to start off without being terribly uncomfortable. You only invite people you know (friends and family members) to your party and it can be a fun and exciting time for you and your book.

As a published writer, you need to get a buzz started for your book so people will be interested in buying your new book. It is vital to get as many sales rolling in as quickly as possible so you can use your initial profits to apply toward more marketing methods to establish more sales.

The main difference between a traditional book signing event and hosting a book signing party at home is you are in control of who comes to your party. You know everyone that is coming so you are more comfortable and more willing to hold a signing for your book. Yes, some authors are so shy or so afraid of doing things in the public, they don’t want to arrange and hold a public book signing.

Your immediate network consists of your family and friends, who by chance, are your most valuable and loyal customers. Your first published book is especially important to make a good impression and you want to build up a fan base very quickly. Of course, your family and friends already know you and naturally want to keep up with everything that you are doing. When they hear you published a book, they are curious and excited to actually know a celebrity.

By keeping your friends and family first in your thoughts and inviting them into your home for a book signing party, they will be more willing to purchase a signed copy or two of your book. Not only will they buy a book, but they will also tell their friends and family about it, spreading the word more quickly than if a perfect stranger buys your book.

Hosting a book signing party either before or after the release of your book can quickly start the marketing wheels turning, a lot faster and more effectively than any other marketing methods out there. And you don’t have to step too far out of the box. You market at your own pace, but still utilize the most powerful marketing tool in an author’s arsenal.

There’s not much to it. It’s not a formal event and there is absolutely no stress or pressure.

A book signing party came to my mind while doing an in-home meeting with a network marketing company. Then I saw how effective these parties were, it hit me. Why can’t an author have a similar party to advertise their book? You can, very easily in fact.

My newest title called Book Signing Party: A Writer’s Marketing System for Book Selling Success is a detailed how-to book on planning, scheduling, and hosting book signing parties. There are great tips and techniques to use to make more sales and to encourage others to help talk about your book to their friends and family members. Once you are comfortable with the book signing process, you will be more encouraged to hold other book signing events outside the home.

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